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Jacob Steentoft

Photographer Jacob Steentoft (born 1976) travels around the world’s conflict zones. With his camera, he documents the stories of people living in the world’s hotspots – and who have been left powerless to tell their stories themselves. His photographs can be experienced at, for example, the Arden Asbæk Gallery in Copenhagen.

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Humanitarian press coverage in the world’s hot spots.

Jacob Steentoft’s travels primarily take him to Africa and the Middle East. For instance, he documents the situations in conflict zones in Lebanon, Palestine, Israel and Sudan.

Jacob Steentoft - Humanitarian press coverage in the world’s hot spots.
About the photographer

About the photographer

Jacob Steentoft qualified as a photographer in 1998. However, his passion for documenting the brutal and heart-rending conditions under which people live in war zones and conflict zones began already when he got his first camera as a 14-year old.

Your help matters!

Equipped with his camera, Jacob Steentoft wishes to venture out into the world, to document the conditions of local societies, primarily in Africa and the Middle East. He is self-funding his trips and expenses, which renders him independent towards donations, in order to make this wish come true. To help, please consider buying one of his support packages or make your donation today. All donations are appreciated.